Bankruptcy Notice No. 2


Notice Mandated By Section 527(a)(2) Of The Bankruptcy Code


You are notified as follows:

  1. All information that you are required to provide with the filing of your case and thereafter, while your case is pending, must be complete, accurate and truthful.
  2. All your assets and all your liabilities must be completely and accurately disclosed in the documents filed to commence your case.
  3. Some places in the bankruptcy code require you to determine and list the replacement value of an asset, as for instance, a car or furniture. When replacement value is required, it means the replacement value, established after reasonable inquiry, as of the date of the filing of your bankruptcy case, without deduction for costs of sale or marketing. With respect to property acquired for personal, family or household purposes, replacement value means the price a retail merchant would charge for “used” property of that kind considering the age and condition of the property.
  4. Before your case can be filed, it is subject to what is called “Means Testing”. The Means Test was designed to determine whether or not your qualify to file a case under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, and if not, how much you need to pay your unsecured creditors in a chapter 13 case. For purposes of means test, you must state, after reasonable inquiry, your total current monthly income, the amount of all expenses as specified and allowed pursuant to section 707(b)(2) of the bankruptcy code, and if the plan is to file you in a Chapter 13 case, you must state, again after reasonable inquiry, your disposable income, as that term is defined.
  5. Information that you provide during your case may be audited pursuant to the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. Your failure to provide complete, accurate and truthful information may result in the dismissal of your case or other sanctions, including criminal sanctions.

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