Buying a Family Home

“About a year ago I decided to buy my family’s home. For most people it would have been an easy transaction. As it turned out for me, many issues, disputes, and difficult situation came about. Dave was at the forefront of each one of these complication and handled them for me with his expertise, understanding and professionalism. I am sure that if I had had another Real Estate Attorney that the outcome of this transaction would not have been a favorable one for me. I certainly will never be able to thank him enough.”

David Lima exceeds expectations!
“I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Dave Lima on both purchase and refinance real estate transactions. He is truly an expert at what he does.”

Excellent Attorney
“David is a different breed of attorney. He is a human being first. He is willing to help and goes way beyond the “legal” expectations of his profession to actually doing his work to the best of his ability and full satisfaction of his clients. There are very few attorneys that I have ever met who actually care about their clients and take pride in their work in the way that Dave does. I would not hesitate to refer Dave to anyone I know. He is head and shoulders above his peers in terms of knowledge, experience, and service.”

Title Insurance
“Dave was excellent. He saved my home through title insurance, he went above and beyond. Thank you to Dave!”

HS&T Group Inc.- Review on David Lima
“I honestly would not give a great rating to anyone who I did not trust or felt that they were good at what they did. Dave is not only a great attorney, but is a great individual in general. I not only have the pleasure of working with him, but I consider him a friend and someone I can trust.”

Service Above and Beyond!
“Dave is responsive when I call him (he even returned my call while on vacation as he was sitting on the beach). That’s what I call service. He is thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend his services. Dave also has a trusted circle of professionals around him when I need related services.”

“Great lawyer, handled my real estate closing wonderfully, found an error and saved me a bundle!”

Real Estate Closing
“Dave Lima handled a real estate closing for our family. He should receive an award for steering us thru the legal jungle with out a hitch. Dave Lima went out of his way to make sure we understood everything. He returned every phone call and answered every email timely. Dave Lima found embedded problems with our transaction in advance and resolved them before the closing date.
And the price…. More than fair! I walked away feeling like paid too little!”

Excellence in Real Estate
“As a Realtor the attorney I refer to my clients is of enormous importance and so meeting Dave and having him become a vital part of my professional RE team was wonderful. His attention to detail and depth of experience have been invaluable. I have able to use him as a resource many times when unusual circumstances present and I want to be sure before proceeding. His professional capability coupled with an unassuming demeanor are perfect for my Buyers and Sellers who are both excited and fearful at the same time. I highly recommend him.”

“I met Dave in 2000 when I purchased my rental property. After that he handled a few refinances. I liked Dave because he worked around my schedule and he always returned my calls promptly.

Last year I had to evict one of my tenants and because of my experience with Dave I hired him to help me through the process. We spent more time on the case and that gave me the opportunity to get to know him better. I was very impressed by his professional approach to all matters concerning the case, his knowledge of the law and his calmness. There is nothing more satisfying than being in the court with an attorney who is in control of the situation. I can’t say enough about his patience when it came to explaining all the terms and processes and answering all my questions pertaining to the case. I am from Europe and English is my second language and having Dave by my side was a very comforting feeling. He has a wonderful personality.

I would highly recommend Dave to anybody that I know who would need his type of services. In fact, my best friend and colleague is now a satisfied client of Dave’s because of the advise I gave him.

Dave turned stressful situations into pleasant experiences and because of that I will continue to work with him in the future.”

“I first met Dave in the early ’90’s when I worked as a realtor. He was often the closing attorney for many of the banks I worked with. I had worked with many other attorneys as well, and found him to be extraordinary. First, he was very knowledgeable, second, he was very patient. He took as much time as clients needed to answer all their questions. He was not just pushing papers under their noses for them to sign, which often happens in a closing.

From this experience I hired Dave as our personal injury attorney when my son was violently attacked by a vicious dog that the owners had been warned on multiple occasions by the dog officer and police department to either keep restrained or have put to sleep. Again, I found Dave to be extraordinary. He wasn’t feeding us hype, like you see on personal injury commercials, but he was compassionate, realistic, and kept his clients first and foremost. He gave solid advice. He gave options. He was timely with everything and he helped us get the absolute best compensation we could.

I had then lost touch with Dave for a number of years, with an occasional email to say hello, or ask a legal question, and he always responded quickly and gave me the best advice. Sometimes the questions I had were out of the scope of expertise, and he would refer me to other experts who could serve me better.

Knowing Dave had extensive real estate law experience, when I started my real estate investment company in 2005, I immediately called Dave to bring him onto our team. He spent a few hours at dinner with us one night answering any and all questions we had about real estate law and investing. This was my husband’s first time meeting Dave and he was impressed with the breadth of his knowledge. Dave has been working with us since 2005 in this endeavor and has helped us establish and continue two LLC’s, do two evictions, and supported us with advice on rental agreements and contracts, Massachusetts real estate law, and general questions. It is always in the same spirit–patience, support, knowledge…I can even think of a funny story: two Decembers ago when we were in the process of evictions, I left Dave a voicemail, and he returned my call promptly. As we talked someone in the background started speaking to him and he asked if I could hold on. I could overhear parts of the discussion, and when he returned to the phone he apologized for the interruption. He was on the lot picking out his Christmas tree! We continued to talk as the tree was loaded onto his vehicle, but got cut off, and when he called back, he was noticeably out of breath while dragging the tree into the house as he was answering all my questions! He is incredibly patient. He also helped us find other people we needed for our investment team i.e. accountants, but he never ventures into giving advice out of his areas of expertise. He will be honest and direct you to who can help you the best, often giving several references rather than just one.

So, I do not know what the scope of your work with Dave will be, but he is an outstanding attorney and human being and I would recommend him to anyone.”