Massachusetts Divorce Law

There are two paths a divorce can follow. If you have an agreement on 100% of the issues your case is uncontested. We can draft all of the necessary Massachusetts divorce forms and help you implement the divorce with the court. The process is quick and inexpensive.

If even one issue is unresolved you have a contested divorce case. A contested case could end in a trial where a judge will decide the issues. Your fate is determined by the judge. We will compassionately, yet aggressively, advocate for you. We will guide you through negotiations to resolve custody arrangements, an equitable division of all assets and to establishment of appropriate child support and spousal support. We will seek to remove emotions from the process, so that common sense financial decisions can be made and the case thereafter be placed in an uncontested position.

In either a contested Massachusetts divorce case or an uncontested Massachusetts divorce case, there need not be a fault reason for the divorce. Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state. This means that you can get a divorce even if the only reason is you don’t wish to stay married.

We will always be prepared and assure that you are prepared and informed. We will assure your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly in the process. We have the experience to guide you to the fairest and most reasonable result to your Massachusetts divorce in the quickest time and at the least expense.

We offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation.