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Confront Financial Hardships after Divorce

Once divorced, people should become accustomed to fewer financial resources. The first step on the road to adjustment should be reviewing cash flow, expenses and reserves. Few money management essentials like preparing and maintaining a budget help the divorced live within their means. Adjust to a more frugal lifestyle by limiting the use of your […]

Massachusetts Property Exempt From Seizure

On January 7, 2011, Governor Patrick signed into law legislation updating the personal property exemptions for debt collection. The new law increases the value of property, earnings and savings exempt from seizure during debt collection. The law replaces an antiquated version that exempted from seizure things like: $700 of equity in an automobile; and two cows, twelve […]

Massachusetts Automobile Accidents

      I recently settled a Massachusetts automobile personal injury case. In evaluating any such case it is important to examine the vital components: liability, damages and insurance coverage. Liability is responsibility for causing the accident. The question is whether someone failed to act with due care as a reasonable person would have acted, thereby causing […]

Children’s Bank Accounts and 529 Savings Plans in Bankruptcy

      Debtors filing Massachusetts Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are frequently concerned about their children’s bank accounts and 529 college education savings plans. The question is whether these assets must be listed in the parent’s bankruptcy filing. For bank accounts, it depends on how the bank account was opened. If the bank account […]

Bankruptcy and After Foreclosure

      When a debtor files a Massachusetts Chapter 7 bankruptcy there is an automatic stay that stops most collection actions, including foreclosure and eviction proceedings. Notwithstanding, the bankruptcy will protect the debtor for only a short time. Holders of mortgages that are delinquent may file motions for relief from the stay for the purpose of […]

To Buy or Not to Buy Owner’s Title Insurance?: That is the Question!

  I’m often asked whether a buyer of Massachusetts real estate should spend the money to purchase owner’s title insurance on their new home. This is a type of insurance policy protecting a homeowner when problems arise regarding their rights of ownership in their real estate. My response is the answer often lies in how […]